These three principles represent the concept behind G Planner: set up goals and achieve them, practice gratitude and make great things happen if you start now to write in your personal planner.

All the tools to stay focused

Tools such as SMART technique & brainstorming and special sections (positive vibe, notes, monthly overlook and much more) will help you stay organized & focused, review your progress, improve productivity and keep motivation high every day with your journal planner.

Easy to organize

With G Planner, it is now easy to implement mindfulness during your daily, weekly or yearly routine. The “monthly mindset” and “weekly challenge” sections keep you in tune with the moment, with yourself, your space and even the world around you—all functioning in harmony. You can now bring more mindfulness into your life by using a goal planner.

Awesome experience

Prioritize things, increase productivity, reduce procrastination and become more mindful? It is now possible with the G Planner concept! This weekly planner was specially created to help your plan for TOMORROW, reflect on the PAST and take action NOW. You will get more done and feel better every day by using G Planner.

Take action today

This life planner can help you to keep on mind your goals like travelling around the world, buying a new house, get a better job, losing weight or becoming a new person?
Now it is time to take action and turn it real! Start using G Planner TODAY!

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The simplicity, utility, and beauty of Swedish style

Original design

Smooth hardcover, sewed edges, a special place for keeping your pen and a lovely cotton bag to protect your personal planner.

Swedish quality

All the materials used were carefully selected to meet the high quality standard that Swedall has to offer. Making good quality products that come along with you is the way we show we care.

Be as organized as a Swede

This goal planner is larger, yet dramatically thinner. More powerful, but remarkable power is efficient.

Start whenever you want

This weekly planner comes in an undated version, giving you the freedom to start whenever you want.

The unique concept of the G Planner

Three notions represent the concept behind G Planner: set up goals and achieve them, practice gratitude and make great things happen. The way G Planner is structured makes it possible to reach all of them at the same time and to make a positive change in your life.


By writing down your goals, you are a step closer to fulfill your dreams.
Setting up realistic goals can become very challenging especially when do not know where to start. Once your objectives are set up, make all the efforts needed in order to achieve them.


Gratitude is one of the positive charging practices.
Being grateful every day for the things you have, for the people in your life, for your body that sustains you in everything you do and for the surrounding nature, is one of the things that helps the spirit rise.


Ever thought about how great things happened for successful people?
It is all about having a powerful mindset and to never give up. Once you will begin your journey, the key is to stick to your goal setting once and keep going to achive that. You can do it!

Easy steps to follow when using your G Planner

G Planner was created based on the results of a research work of several months and improved by the feedback of those who already had the chance to implement its concept in their daily lives.


Take half an hour break away from everyday worries and write down the best ideas that go through your mind


Set up a mindset

Set up your yearly & monthly goals using the SMART technique. Do not forget to set up your monthly mindset and three good habits you want to develop every month.


Breakdown to weekly goals

Split your monthly goals into weekly goals.


Achive your goals

Do everything needed in order to achieve your goals. Keep in mind that “if the plan does not work, change the plan but never the goal”


Get weekly inspiration

Get inspired by the weekly quotes & challenges and practice gratitude


Reflect on your monthly achievements

Reflect on your monthly achievements and have an overlook of the entire month


Celebrate your progress

Celebrate your progress and relax by coloring your mandala. Share your colorful mandalas with the whole world by using the hashtag #swedall !

Our Clients Love Us

Just a few of our happy customers, expressing their thoughts about the G-Planner.

"Love this life planner! It has beautiful layouts and great ivory paper that doesn’t bleed even when I use a fineliner."

"You need to try it if you need a planning system. It is really easy to use this goal planner and what I like most is that you get plenty of freedom to organize your daily section and keep track of your whole week at the same time"

"It made a huge difference in my life! I began focusing more on the present, on the NOW, and stop over thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. Plus the “positive vibe" section is very inspiring."

Our story

Pregnant and time to change my life

Being a mom at home it is not always easy and fun, especially in Sweden where organization is the key to efficiency. From the mundane cleaning tasks to personal goals, everything needs to be very well organized . Otherwise, everything can turn into a constant source of stress, dissatisfaction and frustration.

Ideas, reading, meeting people

I began by writing a daily plan in a simple notebook thinking that it can help to have everything gathered in the same place. I still did not make a lot of progress. Then I started to read specialized books, analyzing scientific approaches on how to improve productivity, set up and achieve goals. I discovered that people who had a life full of accomplishments and fulfilled their goals were those who wrote down their thoughts and goals.

G Planner’s concept

One day I was thinking: What if I start using a goal planner instead? Not any planner, but one that can help track my progress, stay focused and bring a positive vibe into my life. I wanted to create a tool that could positively change other people’s lives too. The results of all this work are crystallized in G Planner - journal planner concept.

Helping a lot of people with simple principles "Goal, Gratitude, Great"

After sharing G Planner’s concept with many friends and relatives and seeing the greatresults they have, I have decided to help everyone who is struggling with organizing their lives. The principles from this personal planner helped me and many other people around the world to keep their motivation high every day, become more grateful for everything they have and bring more mindfulness into their lives. It can also help you and give you the impulse needed to make a change in your life.

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